The Heriot-Watt Year of Robotics provides an ideal setting for Heriot-Watt to engage a broad range of companies and individuals, building on existing networks as well as creating new relationships.

We are grateful to our Partners, Baker Hughes and Total for their sponsorship of the Year of Robotics. In addition, we were also pleased to receive support from the Royal Scottish Society of the Arts and the British Science Association.

The national profile of our robotics and artificial intelligence research, coupled with our wider university offering, student population, alumni base and our global reach makes Heriot-Watt an attractive proposition to potential sponsors.

Heriot-Watt's strong research base in robotics, AI and human-robot interaction, which has significant commercial interest and research funding, mean the University is uniquely placed to inform the UK and global society about robotics' opportunities, advances and potential.

We believe our sponsorship offering would appeal to a broad range of companies particularly in relation to their CSR agendas and public engagement with themes such as education, health and well-being as well as corporate objectives such as brand positioning and increasing customer/market share.

To discuss potential sponsorship offerings, benefits, recognition and stewardship please contact Catherine Mulgrew.

Why Sponsor?

  • Prestige of association with robotics and Heriot-Watt
  • Naming rights & brand visibility/awareness/strengthening
  • A platform for companies to showcase and demonstrate commitment to CSR agenda & public engagement and contributions to local, national and perhaps global communities
  • Early access and exposure to innovative new research happening at the University
  • Opportunities for companies to demonstrate commitment to excellence
  • Opportunities for companies to invest and grow a talent pool/workforce pipeline
  • Opportunities for companies to save money and time on recruiting staff by leveraging Heriot-Watt talent pool
  • A platform for companies to deepen and widen networks and connections
  • Impact the local community by increasing public's knowledge and understanding of robotics and encourage them to consider this field as a career
  • Increase MSP, MP and stakeholder awareness of sponsors and Heriot-Watt's expertise in robotics

Key information

Catherine Mulgrew