Incredible Power of Light

Saturday April 11th

Creative Cameras Workshop (Age 3+)

How do you take images so fast that you can see light travelling through the air? How do you use the latest technology to look round corners and see objects hidden from view? Come along and see the world in a brand new way. Dr Jonathan Leach and the IPAQs team, EPS


From Deep Sea to Deep Space Workshop (Age 8+)

We will show how glowing jelly fish let us see inside the tiny world of living cells and play with microscopes to poke and probe anything that is small enough to be interesting. Prof Rory Duncan, Dr Paul Dalgarno and the IB3 team, EPS


Lasers and the Search for Alien Worlds Talk (Age 15+)

Over the last decade astronomers have identified hundreds of planets outside our own solar system. However, plants which could support life, like earth, are relatively small, so finding them is a massive challenge. Technology is allowing us to address this challenge. This talk will explore how research which began in laser laboratories is now making an impact on planet hunting! Prof Derryck Reid & Dr Robert Thomson, EPS


Colourful Chemistry and Lego Workshop (Age 7+)

Have you ever wondered how scientists measure chemical reactions? It is all about colour. At this workshop budding chemists can learn how to use a colorimeter made from Lego to see what is happening during a chemical reaction. Dr Arno Kraft & Dr Nicola Howarth, EPS


Saturday 18th April

Printing Lite® Workshop (Age 7+)

Learn how to screen print with dyes which change when triggered by different light conditions, including fluorescent and glow in the dark dyes. Participants will be able to print their own piece of fabric and take it away with them. Grace Smith and Roger Spark, School of Textiles and Design


Monday 20th April

The Chemically Controlled Cosmos: From Soot to Stoor to Life!
Professor Martin McCoustra, Heriot-Watt University

Astrochemistry is the young science describing the role chemistry plays in our Universe. From controlling the size of stars to seeding the Universe with the potential for life, chemistry has a central role to play in the evolution of the Cosmos.


Monday 27th April

Under a Different Light
Professor Daniele Faccio, Heriot-Watt University

Light is essential to our life, it's the way we see the world and we take it for granted. But just imagine a world with no light or a world seen through a different light? This talk will explain how new developments in modern technology allow us to capture light in a detail that has never been achieved before. Future cameras will capture images at such high speed that we can see light in motion and video record light as it moves. This technology means that one day, not far in the future, we will see objects hidden round corners or walls.