Floods and droughts

Prof Lindsay Beevers

Climate change has been part of our lives for years and we still have only a few concrete ideas of what will happen to the weather in the future.

So, it’s vital that we can create resilient, water-secure cities which can cope with the risks arising from too much water or too little water in the future.

Floods and droughts cost the global economy billions and while they’re expensive, they also leave people without homes, food and power, and in some cases, without hope.

So, how can we build structures, plan cities, and support communities in the present, to withstand the changes that are to come?

Our research at Heriot-Watt is focussed on the changing frequency of floods, droughts and hydrological extremes and how we can become more resilient as a population.

It’s not about building walls or quick fixes, our research is revealing methods, functions and behaviours to inform how the buildings, towns and cities of tomorrow are protected from the devastation that may be brought about by the unpredictability of climate change.