Farah Basem

Student Success Advisor
Farah Basem


Hello there! I am Farah, I have studied International Business management with marketing in Heriot watt. Starting with advanced foundation in 2017 to a summer course in Ramadan and being a senior in a pandemic, I have experienced loads of ups and downs. Though every student experience is different, I believe that there are some common experiences all students go through. I hope through my support to the students I will be able to make their journey a little less stressful and a little more memorable. 

Heriot-Watt highlight

I will always remember that I was able to start a club (the first Art Club in Dubai campus)  from scratch and be the president for two years and have it thrive until the time being even after my graduation. Leaving a safe space behind for other students to explore their creativity is all I wanted when I started, and it is exactly what I have created by the end.