Presentation and tour schedule

A range of tours and presentations are offered throughout the day. Spaces are limited and you should register in advance to ensure you have a place. 

You will be given an event programme on arrival but please remember to bring a note of the timings for any of the presentations or tours that you have booked. 

Presentation and tour schedule
Accommodation and Union tour 10.15-11.15 11.00-12.00 11.45-12.45 12.30-1.30 1.15-2.15 2.00-3.00 2.45-3.45    
Campus tour 10.30-11.30 11.00-12.00 11.30-12.30 12.00-1.00 1.00-2.00 1.30-2.30 2.00-3.00 2.30-3.30 3.00-4.00
School of Textiles and Design presentation 10.30-11.00 12.30-1.00 2.30-3.00            
Finance talk: Scottish and EU 11.15-11.45
Finance talk: England, Wales and Northern Ireland 1.15-1.45
Exhibition area 10.00-4.00
Workshops and studio spaces 10.00-4.00

Academic activities, workshops and studio spaces

These are on a drop-in basis and you don't need to pre-book. Academic staff will be available to chat to you in the Academic Exhibition Area. You are also encouraged to drop-in to visit the workshops and studio spaces throughout the day. Friendly lab technicians will be on hand to provide information in each location.  

You will receive an event programme at the Open Day which will provide a map to these locations.