Writing Your Thesis WEBINAR



How do you initiate the writing process when faced with only a blank page? The PhD thesis may be the longest writing project you ever undertake and a successful thesis includes planning, setting deadlines and receiving feedback. A thesis must be written in a clear and concise manner and all students should be aware of what is expected of them.

This workshop will focus on how to start writing, how to keep going and how to finish. We will cover language and the academic writing style, planning, figures and data presentation, avoiding pitfalls, submitting the thesis and preparing for the viva and beyond.

The workshop will start at 09.30 (UK), 12.30 (Dubai), 16.30 (Malaysia).

The aims of this workshops are:

  • To introduce students to the thesis writing process and what is expected of them.
  • To introduce techniques to enhance and improve students’ writing and productivity.
  • To encourage students to plan and organise their large writing projects and consider what methods work best for them.