The Hutton Series: Session Three



The Hutton Series on Climate Change is a series of events taking place across 2020-21 at Adam Smith’s Panmure House, bringing together a diverse cross-section of experts, business leaders, scientists, and concerned citizens in the service of one simple aim: to identify ten key priorities, innovations & actions to mitigate the climate crisis.

Session Three of the Hutton Series focuses on the response of the scientific sector to the ideas established in the first two webinars.

The panel will include Prof. Mercedes Maroto-Valer (chair) and Prof. John Ludden. 

Keynote speakers: 
- Chris Stark, Chief Executive, Climate Change Committee 
- Rebecca Heaton – Group Head of Climate Change, Drax

To register please go to The Hutton Series: Session Three.

The first and second sessions were held in 2020 and you can view all recording and reports at Panmure House – The Hutton Series.