Planning for Success: Developing Your Research Strategy



This interactive panel discussion aims to demonstrate to researchers how they can develop their research strategies to plan for success in different disciplines and contexts. Heriot-Watt Research leaders will talk through their research strategies and success. 
This session will provide insight, practical tips, and advice for researchers on how to obtain their first grant and how to build upon this success to develop their future academic career.

The session will be chaired by Fiona Armstrong, Global Director, Research Engagement. Speakers include Prof Suzanne Fitzpatrick and Prof Duncan Hand.

 The interactive panel discussion will cover, amongst others, the following discussion points:

  • Mistakes made and the lessons learned
  • How the panel members got on their journey – what strategies did they employ, how have these changed?
  • How did they build on their first grant to enhance their career
  • Planning for new collaborations
  • Identifying opportunities to diversity your research
  • Sustaining your research in the longer-term
  • Strategic planning of research proposals.