Careers Beyond Research: Applying Your Skills Outside Academia WEBINAR



During their career, researchers develop a number of skills that they can utilise in a variety of other positions, whether these are related to their research or not. A key component to finding a job outside academia is presenting yourself well at interviews, highlighting your skills and explaining your academic experience in a way that appeals to certain employers.
This workshop aims to highlight a number of these careers and to explore what particular options might be compatible with individuals. We will include overviews of a variety of different job types, case studies of researchers who have moved into different careers and provide resources to help participants explore their options. In addition, participants will be invited to complete an individual ElementsTM skills evaluation to help them with future job applications and interviews. This has proven very popular with researchers and it is designed to help them reflect on their own skills and experience so that they can communicate these effectively in written applications and interviews.

The course will take place 09.30-12.00 (UK), 12.30-15.00 (Dubai), 16.30-19.00 (Malaysia).

At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • a clear understanding of their transferable skills and how to communicate these on their CV and in an interview situation
  • an understanding of how to present themselves and be visible online
  • an overview of a range of non-academic career options