Edinburgh Fringe: Become a Sexy Refugee in 5 easy steps


New Town Theatre
The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas, Edinburgh Fringe

Are you outraged by the double standards at the UK border and in Western media’s single-minded reporting on refugees? If so, this show is for you. If not, this show is definitely for you. Join Dr Lina Fadel (Heriot-Watt University) to challenge pernicious stereotypes and ask uncomfortable questions about our cultural conversations and research about migrants and refugees, where they come from and who is given a platform to speak about or for some of the most marginalised and silenced people in our society. 

Part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas, a collaboration between the four Edinburgh Universities - Take top academics, contentious research, add a comedian and it's the force of nature that is the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CoDI). Now in its 11th year, CoDI drags academics out of their ivory towers to debate today's burning issues and cutting-edge research with audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and monthly at the Strand Comedy Club.