QAA Enhancement Themes: Programme Leadership - an introduction to the work of the Collaborative Cluster



Are you a programme leader, thinking about becoming a programme leader, or do you support programme leaders? Then the QAA Enhancement Themes Programme Leadership cluster is for you. This collaborative cluster is open to all across the Scottish sector and beyond.

The first session on 18 January will introduce you to the work of the Collaborative Cluster, highlight existing resources and support, and outline how Action Learning Sets can be used to support personal development in the PL role. It will also provide a space for discussion and offer the chance for you to help frame priorities for the discussions ahead.

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Further events are planned as follows:

28th January: Thriving in the winds of change: Programme Leading across the globe

18th February: Programme Leadership: Recognition, Reward and Resilience

Colleagues interested in joining a Programme Leadership Action Learning Set with others from across the sector can sign up by completing this short form