9th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight


truck sunset

There is now a widespread consensus on the urgency of global transition to net zero freight transport systems. However, there is still uncertainty around which competing low carbon propulsion technologies are going to become dominant, and how logistics operations would need to be adapted to facilitate the large-scale adoption of these technologies. In addition, the global environment has become increasingly turbulent with natural and man-made disasters occurring more frequently and with increasing magnitude of impact. Extreme weather events, pandemics, and military conflicts (among other crises) not only pose a significant threat to individual supply chains, but also delay and divert resources from the transition to net zero freight transport systems.

This year's workshop will focus on resilient transitions to net zero freight transport systems. Contributions about ways to accelerate progress in relation to sustainable road freight in all parts of the world are welcome, to help define a robust roadmap to a net zero future.