A major part of the Sports Union (SU) is meeting people and having fun. With this in mind, and in addition to the experience you will gain within your sport and club sessions, the Sports Union run a number of key events throughout the year.

Formal Events

Event Date Venue Start Price Details
SU Ceilidh 13th October 2017 Murrayfield 7.30pm £20 pp Event includes meal
Strictly Come Dancing 8th November 2017 TBC TBC TBC  
SU Ball 18th February 2018 Edinburgh Corn Exchange 7.00pm £50 pp Event includes meal and live band
Blues and Volunteer Ceremony TBC TBC 7.00pm Free of charge - Invitation Only  

Note: For tickets to the Ceilidh and Ball, you should contact a member of your Club Committee.

Club Nights

Event Date Venue Time
Warm-Up Wednesday (Part 1) Wed 14th Sep 16 Zeros @ HW 8pm
Warm-Up Wednesday (Part 2) Wed 16th Sep 15 Shanghai Club 10.30pm
Oriam Invitational After-Party Wed 21st Sep 16 Shanghai Club 11pm
SU Ceilidh After Party Fri 14th Oct 16 Silk Nightclub 12am
Halloween Night Wed 26th Oct 15 Shanghai Club 11pm
Refreshers Wed 11th Jan 17 Shanghai Edinburgh 11pm
Charities Quiz Wed 25th Jan 17 Frankenstein's Pub 7pm
Varsity After Party Wed 15th Mar 17 TBC 10pm

Sports Union Newsletter

Our Sports Union always has something exciting happening, whether it be a battle game to be top of the league, a rivalry game, a club fundraiser, a charity event, an event for all clubs to get involved in, themed weeks.... the list goes on.

So the SU have introduced the SU Newsletter email address where all news stories can be published to update everyone with what is happening. Please read the related document on "How to write a press release" and send your stories to SUPresident@hw.ac.uk.