Who we are and what we do

The club caters for a wide range of people with varying degrees of interest and ability in hill-walking, rock climbing, and other mountaineering activities. The club's main function is to provide transport and social events for mountaineers on student-sized incomes. Providing transport to remote areas for groups of people is an expensive undertaking, and having access to University minibuses lets us run trips for a fraction of the cost they would otherwise be.

The club does not provide formal instruction; less experienced members are encouraged to learn from their peers whilst out walking our climbing. As far as equipment goes the club has built up a store for the use of its members – things like ice axes, crampons, harnesses, rope, tents and stoves. The club also has a small library of guide books and maps. There is a climbing wall in the sports centre at the Riccarton campus, which is used every Thursday night by the club.

What does a typical season involve?

We organise many trips throughout the course of the year, and try to be out every single weekend. The most common trips are either full weekend (Friday night to Sunday night) or just Sunday trips, but we also hold alternative trips throughout the year: long weekends taking advantage of bank holidays, casual mid–week trips to a local crag or indoor wall, skills courses, etc.

We also hold social events throughout the year, from weekly meetings in the pub to annual events including a free BBQ, a Christmas curry, a Burns' Night dinner and a ceilidh.

How and where to get more info and join the club

It's easy, just go to Oriam reception and ask to join the mountaineering Club. If you already have an Oriam membership, it will only cost is only £5 for the year, what a bargain!

If you want more information feel free to contact the committee by email to

Or simply come along on a Monday night to Sports Hall 2 at 5pm and try your hand at
climbing to see if it's for you.  Alternatively the pub is a good place to meet the people behind the chalk and adrenalin. (Check the website to see where and when)

Postgrads, faculty and staff

Are more than welcome to join, we'd love to have you. As with undergrad students, you will need the relevant Oriam membership.

Non-Heriot-Watt students

Students of other universities can technically join the club though this will still require a membership of Oriam, which is rather costly for those not associated with the University.

Key information