BEng (Hons) Instrumentation Measurement and Control

Honours degree; for employees in Scotland; duration 4 years; 20% study, 80% work

The programme

BEng (Hons)
New or existing employees in Scotland
4 years
No limit
20% at University, 80% at work

The programme combines core elements of Mathematics, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Safety and Management. Successful completion of this programme will allow the graduate to become a productive graduate instrumentation and control engineer in their company.

Graduates' skillset

The Instrumentation Measurement and Control Graduate Apprenticeship Programme aims to produce BEng (Hons) graduates who:

  • meet the educational base required by the Institute of Instrumentation, Measurement and Control for registration as an Incorporated Engineer;
  • have a good technical understanding of the essential facts across the discipline, but also an awareness of specialist application of technology;
  • are equipped with a sound basis in theoretical engineering principles and methods and their application;
  • are able to operate in team and multidisciplinary contexts;
  • have an appreciation of the wider societal and commercial influences on, and impact of, the discipline;
  • have problem-solving skills and the ability to apply such skills in developing innovative solutions to society's practical needs;
  • have developed the personal qualities and professional competencies of instrumentation and control engineers;
  • have been able to pursue their personal interests in depth in the context of the sponsoring company;
  • have the practical skills required specifically by instrumentation and control engineers and more widely by any numerate professional position.

Key areas of the programme

The primary focus of the Instrumentation Measurement and Control Graduate Apprenticeship Programme is on developing the knowledge, understanding and skills outcomes sought by employers.

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