About Court and its Committees

The Court

The Court is the governing body of the University with ultimate authority over all of the University’s activities.  The responsibilities of the Court are set out in its Statement of Primary Responsibilities. The Court comprises 25 members, the majority of whom are independent lay members. The remaining membership is made up of elected staff and students and ex-officio members. 

Committees of the Court

Court committees represent the workings arms of the Court, reviewing the work of the University in more depth. Their memberships include members of the Court and other suitably experienced independent lay persons who are not members of the Court. Court committees currently include the following:

  • Audit and Risk Committee (normally meets around five times each year)
  • Infrastructure Committee (formerly Campus Committee) (normally meets around five times each year)
  • Court Interim Business Committee (normally conducts its business by correspondence).
  • Finance Committee (normally meets around four times each year)
  • Governance and Nominations Committee (normally meets around four times each year) Membership includes the Chairs of key Court committees ex-officio
  • Global Student Liaison Committee (normally meets around three times each year)
  • Remuneration Committee (normally meets twice each year)
  • Staff Committee (normally meets four times each year)
  • Ordinances and Regulations Committee (joint committee of the Court and the Senate) (normally meets three to four times each year) 
  • Endowment Committee (reports to the Finance Committee) (normally meets twice each year)

Members of Court and Court committees are appointed for a period of three years and are eligible to be considered for an extension to their initial appointment of up to a further two periods of up to three years each.

Learn more about Court and Court committees including their Terms of Reference.