Amanda Tham Khoi Yeng

Amanda won the Santander Prize, enabling her to transfer to the Edinburgh campus for her final year on a mobility scholarship.

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia has provided me an enlightening and exciting learning experience as the lecturers here are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. The Bachelor of Business Administration BBA (Hons) is really challenging and I, as a student, will definitely have to put in consistent hard work into the course. It enables me to develop skills such as leadership, time management, discipline and critical thinking. I am always fascinated by different cultures around the world that we have on campus. HWUM has given me a chance to enhance my knowledge of other cultures by meeting people from different backgrounds. The campus is an eco-friendly building located by the Putrajaya Lake. You get to enjoy the scenic lake when you study at the campus's library! I have no regrets to have enrolled as a student of HWUM.