Jeff Fu

Jeff Fu, from China, studied a Foundation programme before he went on to study MSc Civil Engineering and Construction Management in the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society.   

Why did you decide to come to Heriot-Watt over other places offering similar courses?

Heriot-Watt has a high ranking and nice reputation in engineering. The University also has my preferred major, which is Civil Engineering and Construction Management.  

What did you feel were the most positive aspects of your time studying here?

It is an excellent education system that is very different from my country and I personally think this system is more suitable for me. I can learn a lot about my major as well as my life and my future, which is the most important meaning of education. It is an entirely different environment and culture, which broadens my horizons.  Lastly, I can meet many nice friends here who come from everywhere in the world.

How are your Foundation English courses preparing you for your current studies? 

It actually has many advantages for the Masters programme that lasts one year, as the content is difficult for foreign people using an unfamiliar language to study it. Many reports and essays need be written in the masters' courses. Foundation English courses can help us to know the structure of essay early and clearly. Whether it is for studying or in life, these courses are a good preparation for an international student.  

What was the teaching support like?

Teaching support was a specifically assigned assistant who gives you a lot of help to achieve high results.    

What advice would you give to an International Student considering applying to Pre-sessional Academic English courses at Heriot-Watt?

In my opinion, attitude is important. You need persistence; it is a key factor that you can overcome challenges.