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    Dr David Townsend

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Nanoscience is the study of phenomena on a scale ranging from the wavelength of light, down to the size of atoms. It is a rapidly developing field, continually producing fascinating results in many different fields of study. This programme is based on physics but includes content from chemistry and biology to give an important appreciation of how all the sciences have new effects to be observed and new applications to be discovered.


Accredited by the Institute of Physics (IOP) for the purpose of partially meeting the educational requirement for Chartered Physicist.

Course content

Year 1

Contains material common to the physics programme to preserve the ability to transfer to other programmes. The necessary grounding in chemistry is delivered in this year.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:33%
  • Independent study: 67%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:59%
  • Practical:14%
  • Coursework:27%
Year 2

The Physics programme content is augmented by Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy in Year 2. Applicants seeking direct entry to Level 2 should possess an appropriate qualification in Chemistry.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:36%
  • Independent study: 64%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:66%
  • Practical:13%
  • Coursework:21%
Year 3

Concentrates upon core Physics content supplemented by the Chemistry of Materials.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:32%
  • Independent study: 68%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:71%
  • Practical: 5%
  • Coursework:24%
Year 4

The principles of the effects and behaviour on the nano-scale are covered in Year 4, through courses such as Microstructures and Properties of Materials; and Quantum Theory and Solid State Physics.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:37%
  • Independent study: 63%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:64%
  • Practical:3%
  • Coursework:33%

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