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Our BSc Information Systems Honours degree focuses on making sure that computer systems really are useable. There is a strong focus here on system design and evaluation techniques, especially for interactive systems, complemented by the management skills needed to plan and organise the large scale information resources that drive modern organisations.

If students wish, they can specialise in later years and graduate with a named degree in Interaction Design (G590), Internet Systems (G501) or Management (GN52).

Teaching excellence and student satisfaction

92% of our 2015 graduates reported in the National Student Survey that they were satisfied overall with their course.


Accredited by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT on behalf of the Engineering Council for the purposes of fully meeting the academic requirement for Incorporated Engineer and partially meeting the academic requirement for a Chartered Engineer.

Accredited by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT on behalf of the Science Council for the purposes of partially meeting the academic requirement for registration as a Chartered Scientist.

Course content

   Detailed course guide
Year 1

Level 1 combines databases, an introduction to computer systems, programming, investigations of emerging technology and technology in society, and management.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:26%
  • Independent study:74%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:30%
  • Practical:3%
  • Coursework:67%
Year 2

You will cover topics in understanding of organisations, socio-technical systems, databases and human factors.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:25%
  • Independent study:75%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:50%
  • Practical:0%
  • Coursework:50%
Year 3

You will cover courses such as interaction design, information systems methodologies and management of organisations, which lead to a group project.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:23%
  • Independent study:77%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:46%
  • Practical:0%
  • Coursework:54%
Year 4

You will take advanced topics as well as a major individual project in level 4.

More in-depth information on the content of the courses listed above, how they are assessed and the learning outcomes can be accessed via our current student portal.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:28%
  • Independent study:72%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:38%
  • Practical:3%
  • Coursework:59%

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