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Up to 4 years
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    Dr David Townsend

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This programme deals with engineering applications of physics in areas such as Microelectronics, Optics and Electromagnetism. Students will develop a creative approach to solving engineering type problems. The programme includes practical, theoretical and skill-based studies in Materials Science, Electronics, and Computer Modelling. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills required by both industry and service sectors, as well as being well prepared for a research career..


Accredited by the Institute of Physics (IOP) for the purpose of partially meeting the educational requirement for Chartered Physicist.

Course content

Year 1

Provides foundations of physics and mathematics, and the opportunity to look at wider aspects through a series of courses in investigative techniques. Fundamental engineering skills in electronics and mechanics are covered in courses delivered by the engineering departments.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:34%
  • Independent study: 66%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:56%
  • Practical:17%
  • Coursework:27%
Year 2

Important themes of physics are introduced through courses in Photonics and Optics; Thermal Physics and Properties of Matter.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:34%
  • Independent study: 66%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:66%
  • Practical:11%
  • Coursework:23%
Year 3

Deals with more advanced treatments of core physics, such as: Electromagnetism; Dynamics and Quantum Concepts; and Solid State Physics. Experimental and programming skills are further developed using more in-depth experimental studies and simulations.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:38%
  • Independent study: 62%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:69%
  • Practical:11%
  • Coursework:20%
Year 4

Physics courses cover Quantum Concepts, Nuclear and Particle physics. There is an increased emphasis on engineering including topics such as Electrical Energy Systems and Energy Studies.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:39%
  • Independent study: 61%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:71%
  • Practical:3%
  • Coursework:26%

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