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If students have, or can acquire, sufficient ability in French, German or Spanish for day-to-day living, this is a great opportunity to spend Level 4 in a research group of one of our partner universities abroad. English will be used in the chosen research group. Students can also soak up the culture of the country for a year, learn research methods and improve their foreign language skills.


Accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry for partially meeting the academic criteria for Chartered Chemist (CChem).

Course content

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Year 1

Students gain a good understanding of the fundamental principles of Chemistry and are introduced to laboratory skills illustrating various experimental techniques. Mathematics and optional language courses may also be studied.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:34%
  • Independent study:66%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:57%
  • Practical:6%
  • Coursework:37%%
Year 2

Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry lectures emphasise the relationship between theoretical principles and experimental measurements supplemented by optional language courses.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:35%
  • Independent study:65%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:66%
  • Practical:20%
  • Coursework:14%%
Year 3

Advanced Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry courses are studied. Communication and teamwork skills are developed and lab work becomes more advanced. Language courses are also available.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:37%
  • Independent study:63%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:66%
  • Practical:15%
  • Coursework:19%%
Year 4

Involves a year in Europe at an approved university, working in a research group. Two distance learning Chemistry courses are also studied.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:6%
  • Independent study:19%
  • Placement:75%


  • Written:15%
  • Practical:38%
  • Coursework:47%%
Year 5

Advanced Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry at the research level, plus specialist Chemistry courses and a short research project.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning:53%
  • Independent study:47%
  • Placement:0%


  • Written:21%
  • Practical:31%
  • Coursework:48%

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