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The Chemical Physics degree course spans the interface between chemistry and physics. The course incorporates all the core elements of a physics degree as well as key chemistry concepts relating to the structure and properties of atoms, molecules and materials. The interdisciplinary nature of the course ensures students will develop a wide range of skills and expertise. In the final Level students will undertake a research project, working closely with a member of staff.

Chemical Physics is well suited to students with interests in the atomic and molecular applications of physics and the more physical and mathematical aspects of chemistry


This honours degree in Chemical Physics is accredited by the Institute of Physics (IOP).

Course content

Detailed course guide
Year 1

Topics studied will include Mechanics and Waves; Principles of Chemistry; Fields and Forces; Chemical Reactivity; Mathematics; Physics and Chemistry Laboratory Work.

Year 2

Topics studied will include Photonics and Optics; Introduction to Spectroscopy; Chemical Kinetics; Thermodynamics; Atomic Structure and Molecular Bonding; Mathematics; Communication Skills; Physics and Chemistry Laboratory Work.

Year 3

Concentrates on core Physics with topics studied including Electromagnetism; Advanced Mathematics; Solid State Physics; Circuits and Analysis; Quantum Theory and Spectroscopy; Classical Dynamics; and Laboratory Work..

Year 4

Topics will include Advanced Chemical Kinetics; Lasers; Numerical Modelling and Data Analysis; Large Scale Chemical Systems; Nuclear and Particle Physics; Advanced Quantum Mechanics; Advanced Problem Solving; Chemical Physics BSc Research Project.