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This is a biology-based programme with emphasis on Food Science and Nutrition, and aspects of beverage science including Brewing and Distilling. The degree provides the scientific and technological skills needed to enter a career in food or beverage production or processing..

Course content

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Year 1

Introduces Biology largely as Human Biology with accompanying courses in Applied and Environmental Biology. Additional subjects include Mathematics for Scientists and Chemistry, as required for an understanding of future courses in Biochemistry and Physiology.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning: 25%
  • Independent study: 75%


  • Written: 53%
  • Practical: 23%
  • Coursework: 24%
Year 2

Has a general biological base, including: Cell and Molecular Biology; Microbiology; Plant Biology; Animal Biology; and Nutrition and Health. Options are also offered in Management and Business Studies.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning: 28%
  • Independent study: 72%


  • Written: 52%
  • Practical: 18%
  • Coursework: 30%
Year 3

Includes core courses in Process Technology and Microbial Biotechnology, with scope to study aspects of Human Health and Microbial Sciences.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning: 24%
  • Independent study: 76%


  • Written: 60%
  • Practical: 4%
  • Coursework: 36%
Year 4

Specialist courses include: Food Biotechnology; Food Colloids; Dairy Science; Microbiological Analysis; and Quality Assurance. Practical skills are further developed at an advanced level in a research project.

Learning and teaching

  • Scheduled learning: 13%
  • Independent study: 87%


  • Written: 47%
  • Practical: 14%
  • Coursework: 39%

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