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The Reservoir Geophysics group specialises in studies which integrate reservoir engineering and time-lapsed seismic data. Our particular focus is monitoring of producing hydrocarbon reservoirs undergoing primary, secondary and tertiary recovery. This involves quantitative 4D seismic interpretation, together with reservoir simulation and model update. A key driver is data donated from our sponsoring companies covering clastic, carbonate (chalk and hard-rock), and HPHT reservoirs with a range of IOR/EOR conditions.


Research projects

The group is ideally placed to pursue 4D research due to its unique location within an Institute which supports a range of complementary disciplines. Its current project portfolio covers the North Sea, the west of Shetland, and the shallow water Gulf of Mexico. The group also has a strong interest in the seismic description of fractured reservoirs, and has experience with fields in Norway, Italy, the Middle East, and east Texas. The group has access to a 32 node supercluster. This world class resource provides a computational capability for the processing of large-scale seismic volumes.