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Our MSc Financial Mathematics covers the advanced mathematics that’s revolutionised finance since the early 1970's. If you’re passionate about mathematics and keen to build a career in finance, it could be the ideal choice. The masters in Financial Mathematics course is part of the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences. It offers an intensive training in the mathematical ideas and tools vital to the finance industry. So it’ll equip you for a range of exciting and potentially high-earning career opportunities.

The MSc Financial Mathematics is part of a joint programme between us and the University of Edinburgh. So you’ll be fully enrolled at both universities. That means access to all the services offered by each institution, plus a degree certificate with both universities named as the awarding bodies.

Course length

This full-time masters in Financial Mathematics course starts in mid September and lasts one year.

Course content

Detailed course guide

Core courses:

  • Derivatives Markets
  • Derivative Pricing and Financial Modelling
  • Financial Markets
  • Discrete-Time Finance
  • Stochastic Analysis in finance
  • Credit Risk Modelling
  • Special Topics 1
  • Special Topics 2
  • Dissertation


  • Statistical Methods*
  • Statistical Inference*
  • Stochastic Control and Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Portfolio Theory
  • Optimisation Methods in Finance
  • Numerical Methods for PDEs
  • Simulation
  • Portfolio theory

Students should choose courses that are worth a total of between 22.5 and 30 credits.

* Note: Only one of Statistical Methods and Statistical Inference can be selected.

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