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The aim of this advanced course is to provide a natural follow-up to typical undergraduate courses in electrical and electronic engineering, concentrating on the commercially important and rapidly expanding area of embedded digital systems for communication and control. It offers a range of options of immediate relevance to industry at large, and is excellent preparation for those wishing to engage in research. The topics covered include embedded system design, software engineering, data communications, signal and image processing and embedded control systems. The course concludes with a major project and dissertation.

The programme will enable students to develop detailed knowledge and critical understanding of the core skills in embedded systems and to develop and use a significant range of specialist skills, techniques and practices in embedded systems. By the end of the programme, students will be able to apply this knowledge directly to complex applications, critically review existing practice, and to develop original and creative solutions to problems within the domain.

Students will work with peers and academic staff on a variety of tasks, demonstrating appropriate levels of autonomy and responsibility. They will ultimately be able to plan and execute a significant project of research, investigation or development in a specialist area within embedded systems to demonstrate extensive, detailed and critical understanding of that specialism.

Programme duration

One year (MSc), 9 months (Diploma).

Course content

   Detailed course guide

Core courses

  • Embedded Systems
  • Digital Design
  • Research Methods Critical Analysis and Project Planning
  • Embedded Systems Design Project
  • Project Phase 1
  • Embedded Software
  • MSc Project

Optional courses

  • Software Engineering 1
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Software Engineering 2
  • Image Processing
  • Advanced Digital Electronics