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Climate change is recognised as having potentially huge impacts on the environment and on society. The study of the causes and impacts of climate change and the measures required to mitigate the impacts and adapt is complex. It is essential that scientists, engineers and environmental decision-makers understand the fundamentals of the causes, impacts and management measures involved in dealing with such important issues.

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The MSc programme offers one core course to introduce climate change causes and impacts (Semester 1) and reviews the possible mitigation and adaptation measures in a second (Semester 2). The programme structure allows for three optional and relevant courses each semester from amongst the University's postgraduate syllabus so that a 'tailored' programme can be constructed.

Core courses

  • Climate Change, Sustainability and Adaptation and
  • GIS for Marine and Environmental Scientists.
  • Research Project (MSc only)

For potential optional courses please refer to the course/subject areas available and listed in other School MSc programmes, specifically those of the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, and School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society. Advice will be given on the most appropriate courses available from the different Schools of the University in topics ranging across scientific, engineering, economics and management courses.