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The MSc/PG Diploma programme in Biotechnology will provide students with a sufficiently broad range of both fundamental principles and innovative practices in the subject to be able to apply their knowledge proficiently in the relevant industries. The biotechnology industry is a diverse sector ranging from food and beverage production to the production of novel pharmaceuticals. However, all of these industries have much in common; they require highly trained graduates. Biotechnology is increasing in importance worldwide and it is seen as an industry that can deliver many benefits to society, such as safer and more effective pharmaceuticals; sustainable food sources; raw materials, and bio-fuels.

The overall objective of the Biotechnology degree programme is to provide students with a thorough understanding of their chosen discipline, together with the skills, expertise and knowledge required to pursue a career in either scientific or non-scientific areas.

Programme duration

MSc programmes last for one year (September to August inclusive) and include a substantial research project.

The Diploma covers the same classes as the MSc but lasts for just 9 months (September to May inclusive). Students admitted to the Diploma programme and who perform well in the taught courses may be invited to transfer to the MSc programme.

Course content

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Students study four compulsory (core) taught courses and select a further four courses from a selection of relevant options. Students complete their MSc by preparing a research dissertation under the supervision of a member of the academic staff.

Core Subject Areas

  • Food Biotechnology
  • Project Studies
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • Practical Marine Biotechnology
  • MSc Research Project