Heriot-Watt Academic Scholarship (RUK - Rest of UK)
England, Wales or N. Ireland students


As a University internationally recognised for excellence in teaching and research, Heriot-Watt seeks and attracts a high number of very high-achieving students. The Heriot-Watt Academic Scholarship seeks to encourage and reward talent and hard work. The Scholarship comprises: £1,000 cash bursary per year and is additional to any other bursaries for which you may be eligible.

The A-Level grades required for entrants from England, Northern Ireland or Wales to win an Academic Scholarship are set out below for each of the University's subject areas.

Students from England, Northern Ireland or Wales achieving the specified grades, who have applied and been accepted to the relevant programme, and subsequently take up the place, will automatically receive the Scholarship. The required grades will be confirmed in our offer and acceptance correspondence with you.

The Scholarship of £1,000 per year will continue through each subsequent year of your degree programme at Heriot-Watt University, subject to performance criteria that will be set by the academic School in which you are studying. Should you at any point discontinue your studies at Heriot-Watt, the Scholarship payments will be discontinued.

Following publication of your results in August, if you have achieved the required grades you will receive confirmation of the award of the Scholarship together with details of the grades required to continue to receive the Scholarship in subsequent years.

Qualifying entry grades/scores

This list sets out the minimum A-Level grades / UCAS Tariff Points for award of Scholarship: