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KPT/JPS (N/524/6/0042)(PA5109) 11/19
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4 years
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We have an international research reputation and close connection with the professional and industrial world of science, engineering and technology.


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This Bachelor's degree aims to produce graduates who meet the needs of industry now and in the future. It includes a wide range of subjects which are relevant to the industry and meet the needs of the Petroleum Engineering profession.

It will allow you to undertake a wide range of technical and managerial careers across the sector, e.g. reservoir analysis and simulation studies, drilling production patterns, estimation of petroleum reserves, design and implementation of oil field production, construction, commissioning, operation, management to specialist consultancy and advanced research and development.

The degree programme will help you to cultivate the ability to apply your skills to real, practical engineering problems and deepen your understanding of petroleum engineering principles through problem solving, projects and assignments.

MEng Petroleum Engineering progression

BEng students who meet the progression requirements for the MEng programme may transfer programmes at the end of Year 2.

Teaching and Assessment

Teaching methods range from lectures, tutorial classes and mentor sessions, to workshop and laboratory activities supported by group and individual projects. Assessment is by examination, coursework, presentations, group project and individual project.


In accordance with our normal practice our professionally orientated programmes are designed to meet the educational requirements for membership of relevant professional institutions. In addition to accreditation within Malaysia, we seek accreditation by the relevant UK or international professional bodies in accordance with their standard procedures.

Course content

Core courses

View or download full details of core, optional and elective courses/projects.

First Year

  • Mechanical Engineering Science 3
  • Process Engineering A
  • Geoscience A
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 3
  • Process Engineering B
  • Process Engineering C
  • Process Design A
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 4

Second Year

  • Geoscience B
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Reservoir Engineering 1
  • Drilling
  • Production Technology 1
  • Multiphase Thermodynamics
  • Reservoir Engineering 2
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics

BEng students who meet the progression requirements for the MEng programme may transfer programmes at the end of Year 2.

Third Year

  • Production Technology 2
  • Sustainability, Health and Safety
  • Field Development and Design Project A
  • Energy and Petroleum Economics
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Field Development and Design Project B
  • Subsea Drilling and Production
  • Fluid Transportation
  • Industrial Training

Students undertake a compulsory industrial training placement.

Fourth Year

  • Field Development and Design Project C
  • MEng Research Project C
  • Professional and Industrial Studies
  • Reservoir Engineering - Well Test Analysis
  • Field Development and Design Project D
  • MEng Research Project D
  • Modelling Management
  • Oil and Gas Processing