Dual degree programme: Heriot-Watt University and Baku Higher Oil School, Azerbaijan

The programme

The BEng programme aims to provide students with a sound understanding of the chemical engineering fundamentals required to become professional chartered engineers. In addition to a grounding in science, mathematics and engineering, our students acquire practical abilities that are highly sought after by industry.

Programme content

Year 1

Provides a general introduction to the subject, emphasising the roles of basic mathematics and pure science. Courses introduce basic techniques and principles of chemical engineering including: Mass Balances; Basic Thermodynamics; and Energy Balances. An awareness of professional and personal development forms a critical part of the teaching in this year.

Year 2

Important themes focus on an understanding of the movement of material, heat and how materials behave. Principal components include Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer; Mass Transfer and Thermodynamics. The programme also includes a mini-design project.

Year 3

Provides opportunities to analyse key operations in the industry, particularly the processing and separation of gases and liquids. In parallel, there are subjects looking at chemical reactor theory, how processes are controlled and the prediction of physical behaviour. Topics on Safety, Environment and Economics are consolidated in a group-based project.

Year 4

A central theme is the advanced analysis of key processing operations and their control. Specialist topics include: Processing Solids; Energy Efficiency; and Developing Sustainable Processes. A group-based design project and individual research project are also undertaken.

Career prospects

Jobs range from research and development, through the design, commissioning and management of plant, to product marketing and technical services.

Teaching and assessment

Teaching methods include lectures, tutorial classes, laboratory classes, individual assignments and group projects. Assessment is by a combination of continuous assessment and examination.