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The School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences is pleased in offering PhD in Computer science by research to students on the Dubai campus.

Initially, those with an interest in undertaking a project in the broad area of computing are encouraged to apply. This may include different research topics as outlined in program content.


PhD study on the Dubai Campus will enable students to work with staff and students in Dubai in collaboration with a research group in Edinburgh performing high value and fundamental research in engineering. Students will be working under the supervision of an expert academic supervisor based at the Dubai Campus and supported by a second supervisor in Edinburgh. In addition to time spent doing research project work, students will engage with scientific literature and participate in research group discussions and meetings using electronic communications. On completion of the research project, students spend some six months 'writing up' to produce a final PhD. Once the thesis has been submitted, internal and external academics will examine the student’s work and knowledge of the PhD subject.

Research topics for PhD supervision

  • Parallel Computing: Parallel evolutionary algorithms
  • Evolutionary Optimization: multiobjective optimization and applications
  • E-Health: the use of wireless sensor networks for health monitoring.
  • E-Government: challenges and obstacles
  • E-Learning
  • Big Data
  • Data Mining
  • Smart Communities
  • CS Education
  • Security: includes authentication systems, malware detection, and network security.
  • Network: intrusion detection.
  • Machine learning: its applications to security and networking.
  • Operations/operational research