Laura is the parent of a student who went through the clearing process with a number of universities and chose Heriot-Watt.

"Our experience of clearing at Heriot-Watt was excellent thanks to the wonderful Shona.  Our son Niall was extremely deflated when his application to another university was listed as pending. He had the correct UCAS points but dropped a grade in 1 subject.

I cannot remember exactly if Niall phoned Heriot-Watt on his own initiative but either way it thankfully gave Niall some hope and the kindness and consistency we had over the period was outstanding. Other universities were impossible to get through to by telephone and had very inexperienced staff. They eventually came back with an offer in the middle of September! Other universities we felt were very arrogant and dismissive. Having the same point of contact throughout the clearing process was fantastic at Heriot-Watt!

The main advice I would give students/parents is to contact universities by telephone as the UCAS clearing site is not always accurate. I am a great believer that things do happen for a reason and Niall thankfully has had a very positive university experience and seems to be doing well at his course. 

The emotions on results day are like a roller coaster and as a parent you just want to reassure  and comfort your child but to them it's the end of their world and they feel a failure. Parents just need to reassure and be there to guide their child through the process, which was so easy at Heriot-Watt and we were also given guidance with the accommodation! Within a few days we were able to turn a negative into a positive. The main thing is to remain calm and do some research on the courses and stats. 

I cannot express enough how grateful we are to Shona at Heriot-Watt for her kindness and professionalism during the clearing process. I wish all students & parents well. Do not remain isolated as a family and reach out to the resources available like the schools’ career-advisor, UCAS (clearing) and the universities."