Students at the Edinburgh Campus in a lecture


Clearing is an application service available between July and September used by applicants who have received their exam results. Every year around 10% of students get into university through clearing and it can help applicants without a place to find suitable vacancies on higher education courses.

Further information can be found at the UCAS Clearing website.


There is also the Adjustment process. This gives students who have done better than expected a short period of time to reconsider their options, whilst having the security of holding on to their Unconditional Firm (UF) choice offer.

In order to be eligible you must have met and exceeded the conditions of your Firm offer. If that is the case, you will be able to register for Adjustment, however this is only available for a five-day period, which begins on the date your offer becomes Unconditional Firm (UF). Some courses may already be full so we recommend speaking to universitie about possible vacancies first.

For further information please see the UCAS Adjustment website.

Financial Information

We have a generous range of bursaries and scholarships, plus the flexibility to enter your honours degree directly into the 2nd year for students with A-levels or similar depending on your qualifications.

Students from England, Northern Ireland and Wales

If you choose to study over three years, your fees will be £9,250 per year.

If you study over four years, your fees will be £9,250 for the first three years with a full fee waiver in the final fourth year. This means that the total tuition fees over the duration of the programme will be identical to those of similar degree courses elsewhere in the UK (i.e. £27,750). The bursary will be awarded automatically; you do not need to apply.

There are a range of other scholarships and bursaries available which you may be eligible for.

International students

If you are from a country outside the European Union, you will pay the tuition fee specified alongside your chosen programme in the online prospectus. The tuition fee varies for each programme.

Find out how to pay your tuition fees.

There are a range of scholarships and bursaries available which you may be eligible for.

Scottish/EU students

Due to Scottish Government limits on the number of places available, we are only able to offer vacancies to students who can be considered for a Widening Access place.  We have no vacancies for EU applicants (outside the UK) or Scottish applications not eligible for the SIMD40 initiative. See our Scottish/EU students webpage for more information.