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On this page you'll find some information on the key dates that take place over the Clearing process.  It's important you remember these if you're looking to find a place at university through Clearing.

If you're thinking about studying at Heriot-Watt, you'll also find our clearing call centre's open hours during the clearing period.

Open Hours

If you need to get in touch with Heriot-Watt, we have people available to help you on the phone as soon as your results come out.

Our Clearing helpline phone number is +44 (0)131 322 3222.

Contact availability
Date Times Event
6 August 2019 08.00-17.00 Highers
7 August 2019 09.00-17.00 Highers
8-14 August 2019 Closed n/a
15 August 2019 07.00-19.00 A-Levels
16 August 2019 08.00-18.00 A-Levels
17 August 2019 10.00-16.00 A-Levels
18 August 2019 10.00-14.00 A-Levels
19-23 August 2019 09.00-17.00 All enquiries