Craig Duffy

Craig is studying Computer Science in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

Tell us about your experience of going through clearing 

After having missed my first choice by 2% I was suddenly thrown into a world of uncertainty, doubt, failure, and stress. I had a look for clearing places and found plenty for subjects like Law but very few for Computing. It was then that I saw Heriot-Watt, a University that I had just completed a summer school with. I technically didn’t meet their requirements as they asked for a B in Higher Maths and I only had a D at Advanced Higher but I phoned and asked anyway. I was told by the woman on the phone that they would indeed be happy to give me a place and I was immediately relieved that my planning and work had not gone to waste. 

What advice would you give to a student going through clearing?  

Ask. Phone and ask. Even if you JUST miss the grades they’re looking for in clearing. Phone and ask. Life motto: “Nae cheek. Nae Chance” 

Why did you choose Heriot-Watt? 

It was an Edinburgh based University with a good computer science department.