Graduands do not require a ticket but they will be expected to register and collect a seating card when they arrive at the venue. 

Guest tickets

Information regarding guest tickets will be available in due course.

Extra Guest tickets

There is no guarantee that extra tickets will become available for any of the Winter 2019 graduation ceremonies.

If extra tickets do become available, the website will be updated on Monday 11 November to advise which ceremonies have available tickets for purchase.

Subject to availability, you may purchase extra guest tickets only if you applied to graduate in person by the application deadline date of Thursday 31 October 2019.

Payment Instructions - if you are not paying online

Payment Mode 

1.   Online Transfer 


     Bank name : Malayan Banking Berhad 

     Bank address : 8th Floor, Menara Maybank, 100 Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala                         Lumpur, Malaysia 

     Swift code : MBBEMYKL 

2.   By Cheque/ Bank draft 

3.   Cash payment and cheque can be made at the Student Service Centre [SSC]                           counter only

Note:  Please state the student ID number, full name or tax invoice no. as reference when making a payment. Copy of remittance advices / banked-in-slips must be submitted to SSC counter or emailed to 


Children are welcome to attend, however you should note that graduation ceremonies may not be suitable for very young children, your party may be asked to sit at the end of an aisle or near an exit so that the child can be taken outside should they become restless. If children 5 or under require their own seat, a ticket must be requested for them. Please note that pushchairs are not permitted inside the graduation hall.

Special arrangements

If you or your guests have special requirements, e.g. a wheelchair user, vision/hearing impaired or claustrophobic etc., or if they have very young children, please indicate this in the special arrangements section of online graduation application.