Applying to graduate

If you do not wish to attend a ceremony, you may elect to graduate in absentia. Please apply now.

Were you eligible to graduate before 2011?

If you were eligible to graduate before 2011 but have not yet made an application to graduate you should contact Academic Registry or +44 (0)131 451 3727


It is essential in many cases to apply to graduate before you receive formal notification of your results.  However, if you do not receive confirmation of your award by 7 June 2019, you will not graduate this summer.  Your application automatically become void and you will be refunded for any monies paid.  This also applies to applications to graduate in absentia.

Outstanding debt

You are advised to settle any outstanding debts by Thursday 23 May 2019 if you intend to graduate in the Summer 2019.

Receiving your certificate

Your certificate can either be mailed to you by Recorded Delivery or you can opt to have your certificate sent via courier which incurs an additional charge. We have been experiencing problems with delivery to countries with unreliable postal services. In these cases we do recommend using DHL however, this is not mandatory.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from your graduation date for delivery.

If you are applying to graduate in absentia after your graduation date please allow 4-6 weeks from the deadline date (last day on the month you have applied in) for delivery of your certificate.