Timetable publication dates

Please be advised that the timetable is subject to change and should be checked on a regular basis. Students are reminded that travel arrangements should not be made before the end of the published exam diet.  Students should be advised that their exams could be timetabled on Saturday 14 December 2019

The following dates are for the publication of the examination timetables:

All Campuses Level Timetable Dates
Semester 1 All Students 31 October
Semester 2 Final Year, PG and some Year 3 28 February
Continuing Students and
remainder of year 3
13 March
Semester 3 and Reassessments All Students (Students can apply for reassessments online after 3 July) 18 July

Examination timetables

REMINDER: Students who arrive more than 30 minutes after the start of the exam will not be permitted to enter and should go directly to their school office.

Examination timetables will be available from the table below on the dates outlined above. Please view our exam diet dates.

Please note it is sometimes necessary to publish a revised timetable. For this reason you should check this page regularly, close to the time of your first examination. If the 'last updated' date and/or time does not match the date on the spreadsheet, you may need to clear your browser cache or try a different browser. Edinburgh locations may have to be changed please check for this close to the time of your exam. Please be advised also that some exams have had to be scheduled over more than one venue, notification of which room you have been allocated will appear on your seating plan

Examination Timetables
Campus/Partner Institutions/Independent Distance Learning Timetable Level Last updated
Edinburgh All  
Independent Distance Learning, Partner Institutions and HW Online All  
Scottish Borders All  
Dubai All  
Dubai DEP All  
Malaysia All  
Orkney All  

Examination seating plan

A seating plan is prepared for examinations scheduled at the Edinburgh Campus in Sports Hall 2 (previously SH1, situated in building 2 of the Centre for Sport and Exercise on the campus map) and James Watt Study Hub.  Although examinations taking place outwith these two venues do not have dedicated seating your seating plan will advise you of the venue your examination is taking place.

A seating plan is also prepared for examinations taking place at the Scottish Borders and Dubai Campus.

Students should ensure that they have their seat number before entering the examination halls. If you have an examination in the above locations but do not have a seat number please contact Academic Registry, the Scottish Borders Campus or the Dubai Campus.

View the seating plans for the December 2019 diet of examinations.

Edinburgh campus map

Please see campus map for exam location