Starting on your first day, you will take part in our Orientation Week:


Induction/orientation is the organised programme of welcome and introductory activities for new students joining a particular programme of study. All new students of the University must take part. Over the two or three days of your induction you will have the opportunity to:

  • Find out about your programme of study.
  • Meet your fellow students and lecturers, and find your way around the University.
  • Find out from current students what Heriot-Watt is really like and have any of your questions answered about what to expect.
  • Find out more about the University's support systems and resources to help you study.

Undergraduate students

January 2020


Enrolment is the formal process of registering to be a student at the University. You will already have started online enrolment before you arrive on campus and will complete the process during Welcome Week. Enrolment means that:

  • You agree to become a student of Heriot-Watt University for the whole, or part of the academic year.
  • You formally confirm to abide by the University's regulations and become liable for fees.
  • You ensure that the University has a correct record of your personal details, your programme and any fees that you are liable for.
  • You receive your Heriot-Watt student ID card which gives you access to University facilities and a range of benefits and discounts.

Once you are enrolled you will have access to the University's IT systems, facilities and resources.

Don't forget to visit the Information Services pages to find out more about our Library, Information and Learning Technology services. You can also access Heriot-Watt University Library's electronic books, journals and databases online.