As a continuing student at Heriot-Watt you will find all the information you need to Manage Your Studies in this section.


All continuing, distance learning and approved learning partner (ALP) students are required to enrol at the beginning of each academic year. You can do this online - find more information here.

Examinations and assessment

Find examination timetables, information on assessment and reassessments, schedules for submission of research theses.


Find details of our graduation ceremonies in Edinburgh, Scottish Borders, Dubai and Malaysia, and information on applying, tickets, gown hire and more.

Teaching timetables

Find details of our teaching timetables and the courses in your department.

Go Global

Learn about our Global Student Programme and your options to study abroad.

Your student record

Check or change your student information online, find information on changing your programme, course or campus or view the University's disciplinary policies and procedures.

Complaints and appeals

Find our Complaints Policy and Procedures here, and information on student academic appeals.

Thinking of leaving?

If you are thinking of leaving the University, you will find our guidance on how to proceed here.