Our Disability Service can provide a range of support and advice whether you are a prospective, new or current student.

We offer practical support and advice for a wide range of disabilities including: specific learning difficulties; unseen disabilities such as epilepsy, asthma or diabetes; physical or sensory disabilities; Asperger's Syndrome; chronic medical conditions and mental health problems.

We also provide information about additional funding such as Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) and offer a dyslexia screening and diagnostic service.

Application for DSA is open to UK domiciled students only; the Republic of Ireland also has a ‘Fund for Students with Disabilities'. Students who are eligible for support but do not have access to this funding will have their needs assessed and will receive appropriate support from Heriot-Watt University.

Medical evidence is required in order for support to be put in place at the University. It is also necessary if you need to make an application for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA).

The medical evidence should be from a suitably qualified medical professional, such as an educational psychologist, GP or consultant. It should:

  • be typed on headed paper, signed and dated
  • be written within the past six months
  • give the date of any diagnosis and details on the diagnosis
  • indicate that it has been a longstanding condition and/or it is or is expected to be a long term condition
  • state that it is likely to impact on your studies and give details

If you do not have evidence but did receive support at school, please send a copy of your school support profile or details of any adjustments you received such as extra time in exams.

Support arrangements, such as extra time in exams, can only be put in place when you have visited the Disability Service and provided evidence of your disability.