Gillian Hogg

Deputy Principal (External Relations)

+44 (0)131 451 4064

Heriot-Watt University
Selected publications

Selected journal articles

McKie L, Hogg G Backett-Milburn K, Airey L and Rew Z (2009) Autonomy, control and job advancement: The case of low paid women working in food retail Work Employment and Society (forthcoming)

Laing, A W; Newholm, T J and Hogg, G (2009) “Contradictory Spaces: Negotiating Virtual Spaces of Consumption”, Journal of Services Management vol20, no2 227-245

Laing, A W and Hogg, G (2008) “Re-conceptualising the Service Encounter: Professional Services and Information Empowered Consumers”, Journal of Customerr Behaviour Vol. 7, pp.333-345

Backett-Milburn K, Airey L, McKie L and Hogg G (2008) ‘Family Comes fist of open all hours? How Low paid Women in Food retailing manage webs of obligation. The Sociological Review vol 56, no 3

Selected book chapters

Keeling, D; Shiu, E; Newholm, T J; Laing, A W and Hogg G (2008) “A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Use of the Internet for Health Related Information” in Expanding the Knowledge Economy: Issues and Applications, eds. P Cunningham & M Cunningham, pp 495-504 (IOS Press: Amsterdam)

Laing, A W; Hogg, G; Newholm, T and Keeling, D (2009) “Differentiating Consumers in Professional Services: Information Empowerment and the Emergence of the Fragmented Consumer” in The Differentiated Consumer in Public Services, eds. Richard Simmons, Martin Powell and Ian Greener (Bristol: Policy Press)

Laing, A W; Hogg, G and Newholm, T (2010) ‘Space for Change or Changing Spaces: Exploiting Virtual Spaces of Consumption’, in Consuming Space: Placing Consumption in Perspective, eds. Michael Goodman, David Goodman and Michael Redclift (Aldershot: Ashgate) (In Press)