Graeme White



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Heriot-Watt University
Selected publications

Fundamentals of Sand Handling, White G., Sand Handling Seminar, IGL Engineering Ltd, Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 23rd September 1999.

Damping Characteristics of Baffled for Suppression of Marine Motion Effects in Primary Separators B Waldie, G.White, Trans. IChemE Part78A (2000) 698-706 ISSN 0263-8762.

On-line Monitoring of a Crystallization Process, Mougin, Patricia (SSCI, Inc.); Thomas, Alistair; Wilkinson, Derek; White, Graeme; Roberts, Kevin J.; Herrmann, Norbert; Jack, Robert; Tweedie, Richard, AIChE Journal 49 (2003) 373-378.

Scale up Study of Retreat Curve Impeller Stirred Tanks Using LDA Measurements and CFD Simulation, Li, Mingzhong; White, Graeme; Wilkinson, Derek; Roberts, Kevin, Chemical Engineering Journal 108 (2005) 81-90.


I am a Chemical Engineering graduate with a BSc in Chemical Engineering in 1980 and a PhD in 1990, both from Heriot-Watt. My PhD work was supervised by Professor Brian Waldie looking at the effects of sea motion on floating oil and gas production systems. At that time, many companies had yet to understand the potential and problems associated with using oil and gas processing equipment on board FPSO’s and other floating structures as a means to produce oil and gas. Heriot-Watt was one of three institutions in the world at that time capable of testing equipment designed for use on floating platforms and we developed a useful and beneficial relationship with many companies operating in the North Sea, running contracts for the likes of Conoco, Norsk Hydro and Kvaerner. During this research phase, I developed computer based models and physical models to aid understanding of the complex fluid mechanics involved in two and three phase systems.

Around 1995, I developed a new interest in modelling flow in mixing vessels typically found in the fine chemical industry. Quite a different process from those in oil and gas but many of the questions in designing models are similar. Through this interest I was lucky to work with Professor Kevin Roberts on the “Chemicals Behaving Badly” project, a collaborative project with 9 industrial sponsors including ANSYS CFX, Syngenta, Pfizer, GSK to name a few. In 2002, I took over the Centre for Molecular and Interface Engineering when Kevin left to take over as Head of Department at University of Leeds, and I ran the second phase of CBB2, a project with over £580k of funding from industry and EPSRC, working with colleagues from Heriot-Watt taking forward both the computer modelling and the practical experiments in large scale batch crystallisation.

I was appointed Senior Lecturer in 2005 and currently hold the position of course co-ordinator. This means I am responsible for the organisation and development of the teaching programmes within Chemical Engineering both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

I have taught a range of several subjects from 1st through to final year topics and post graduate level, including; fluid mechanics, mathematics, process design, gas absorption, computer modelling. Based on my early research work for the Oil and Gas Industry, I have also developed and delivered specialist lectures for our MSc in Oil and Gas Technology degree, a course developed for students in Tomsk, Western Siberia.