Associate Professor

+44 (0)131 451 4447
Room G.31
Edwin Chadwick Building
Heriot-Watt University
  • Low-carbon buildings
  • Building simulation techniques
  • Adaptation in buildings for future climates
  • Fuel poverty
  • Micro-generation
Selected publications
  1. Jenkins D.P., The value of implementing carbon-saving measures into fuel poor social housing, Energy Policy, 38, 832-839, 2010 Publication
  2. Peacock A.D., Jenkins D.P. and Kane D., Investigating the potential of overheating in UK dwellings as a consequence of extant climate change, Energy Policy, 38, 832-839, 2010 Publication
  3. Patidar S, Jenkins D.P., Gibson G., and Banfill P.F.G., Statistical techniques to emulate dynamic building simulations for overheating analyses in future probabilistic climates, Journal of Building Performance Simulation, In Press, 2010
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  11. UK Government Department for Communities and Local Government/UK Green Building Council, Report on carbon reductions in new non-domestic buildings, December 2007 (includes work carried out by Tarbase research team) Carbon Reductions
  • Undergraduate degree (MSci) in Physics and Astronomy from University College London (2001)
  • PhD in daylighting techniques and modelling from Napier University (in 2004)
  • Research Associate at Urban Energy Research Group at Heriot-Watt, with Tarbase project (2005-2009) looking at low-carbon refurbishments for domestic and non-domestic buildings
  • Research Fellow on Low Carbon Futures project (2009- ) investigating the use of future probabilistic climate data with dynamic building simulation to design adaptations for buildings to cope in a warmer climate
  • Member of first UKERC/NESTA Carbon Crucible event, a network of researchers engaged in multidisciplinary research within the field of energy and carbon reduction
  • Convener of Energy Academy seminar series at Heriot-Watt
  • Published over 30 papers in the field of energy and buildings