Voting will open on Monday 13 May 2019 to elect colleagues from Schools to serve on the Senate from 1 August 2019 for a three-year period. Voting will remain open until Tuesday 28 May 2019 (4 pm UK time).

The recent call for nominations received an excellent response and there will be contested ballots in three Schools to determine which colleagues will join the Senate from those Schools.

Please click on the names of the candidates to see their supporting information:

Voting for 2019 Elections from Schools to Senate
School Vacancies Candidates Next steps
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Seven vacancies

Nine candidates:

Dr Rehan Ahmed

Dr Euan Brown

Dr Keith Brown

Dr Ruhul Khandaker

Dr Bill MacPherson

Dr Mutasim Nour

Dr Ali Ozel

Professor Vicki Stone

Dr Gill Thomson

Ballot required: Voting will open on 13 May until 28 May 2019
School of Social Sciences (plus colleagues currently in EBS) One vacancy

Four candidates:

Linda Buchan

Elaine Collinson

Milind Vinod

Dr Katerina Strani

Ballot required: Voting will open on 13 May until 28 May 2019
School of Textiles and Design Two vacancies

Four candidates:

Dr Aude le Guennec

Lee Miles

Dilip Mothiram

Dr Maged Youssef

Ballot required: Voting will open on 13 May until 28 May 2019
School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society Four vacancies

Four candidates:

Dr Jim Buckman

Dr Hagir Hakim

Dr Sandyha Patidar

Dr Joanne Porter

No ballot required: the four candidates are elected
School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences No vacancies on this occasion, therefore no election contest in 2019    

The ballot will be conducted by an external provider, Electoral Reform Services (ERS), on behalf of the University, and will employ the Single Transferrable Vote system of voting (as per Ordinance C1).

ERS will email you voting instructions on Monday 13 May if you are eligible to vote in the election within your School.

You are eligible to vote if you are a member of academic or research staff on an open-ended contract (full- or part-time, and based at any campus).  You can only vote for candidates within your School.

Please contact John McDermott if you are eligible to participate in the election, but have not received a direct email from ERS by Tuesday 14 May (please remember to check your ‘junk’ email folder).

NB Voting will close on Tuesday 28 May 2019 (4.00 pm UK time) so please vote before then.

Ordinance C1 governs these elections, which are run under the auspices of the Secretary of the University.

Please contact John McDermott (Clerk to the Senate) with any queries on the election.