The purpose of the Senate Committee for Interim Business and Effectiveness is to co-ordinate the business of the Senate and Senate's Committees, and to deal on behalf of the Senate with business requiring immediate attention.


The Committee usually meets at least five times per academic year in advance of meetings of the Senate.  Additional meetings may be held in order to meet business requirements at the request of the Chair.


The composition of the Committee which has been approved by the Senate is as follows:

  • Principal, ex officio
  • Vice-Principal, ex officio
  • Deans of the University ex officio
  • Chairs of Senate Committees who are not otherwise members
  • One representative of the elected members of the Senate elected by the elected members of the Senate

The following are entitled to receive Committee papers and to be attendance at meetings of the Committee:

  • Vice-Principal (Dubai)
  • Vice-Principal (Malaysia)
  • Deputy Principals
  • Secretary of the University
  • Director of Planning
  • Academic Registrar and Deputy Secretary

Powers and Function

The Senate delegates authority to the Senate Committee for Interim Business and Effectiveness:

  • to deal on behalf of the Senate, with business requiring immediate action and to report to the Senate on action taken in the exercise of this power;
  • to co-ordinate the business of Committees of the Senate and such other bodies as may be set up by the Senate and their reporting to the Senate, and to expedite such business as is considered necessary on behalf of the Senate;
  • to advise the Principal on any academic matter affecting the University;
  • to consider any matter which the Principal may raise;
  • to establish such working parties, advisory groups and sub-committees as the Committee may from time to time determine;
  • to invite any persons whose knowledge and experience would be of value to attend meetings of the Committee; and
  • to co-opt any person to the Committee, provided that the name of any co-opted member is reported immediately to the Senate.