At close of the elections on Wednesday 31 May 2017 approximately 30% of the Electoral Roll had voted; the School of Textiles and Design and Edinburgh Business School had no vacancies or retiring Senators this year, and therefore did not vote.

The votes were counted using the single transferrable voting system, with the following candidates elected to start their three year term of office on 1 August 2017:


Results - Election to Senate from Schools 2017
School Elected
Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society

Dr Gina Netto

Dr David Jenkins

Prof Patrick Corbett

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Dr Jim Cameron

Dr Thomas Ward (Malaysia)

Dr Mehdi Nazarinia (Dubai)

Mathematical and Computer Sciences

Dr Lyonell Boulton

Dr Tessa Berg

Social Sciences

Dr James Richards

Dr Mo Sherif

Dr Kevin Muldoon


Read the complete voting information.

We are pleased to announce that we have our first elected Senator from our Malaysia Campus, Dr Thomas Ward.  Dr Mehdi Nazarinia joins the five other Dubai Campus elected Senators (Dr Fadi Ghaith, Dr Mutasim Nour, Dr Olisanwendu Ogwuda, Mrs Vanessa Northway, and Mr Dilip K Mothiram (Dr Carrie Annabi, will be completing her term at the end of July 2017)).

Those Senators who will complete their terms of office on 31 July 2017 are:

Dr Laurent Galbrun

Dr Mehreen Gul

Professor Kenneth McKendrick

Dr Carrie Annabi

Professor Nick Gilbert

Dr Fiona Jardine

Dr Derek Ball

Dr Helen Hastie

Dr Marion Winters

Thanks go to the all those who stood for election to Senate, and particularly to those who are completing their terms of office at the end of July 2017.