All of powers of the Court in relation to the University's academic work and standards are delegated to the Senate. The Senate is responsible for the direction, regulation, and promotion of learning and teaching, research, knowledge exchange, and scholarship.


The normal start-time for Senate meetings is now 9.30 am (UK time). 

Wednesday 12 September 2018
Thursday 13 December 2018
Wednesday 27 February 2019
Thursday 11 April 2019
Wednesday 12 June 2019


The Principal and Vice-Chancellor (Chair of the Senate)
The Vice-Principals
The Deputy Principals
The Deans
The Heads of Schools
The Chairs of Senate Committees
The Chairs of Joint Court and Senate Committees
The Elected Members of the Academic Staff
The President of the Student Union
A Member of the Student Union Executive

See the members of the Senate in 2017/18.

See the members of the Senate in 2018/19.

Powers and Functions

The powers and functions of the Senate are described in the University's Statutes (Statute Five, paragraph two) and include:

  • To regulate the admission of persons to the University and to programmes of study of the University on the basis of qualifications and experience;
  • To regulate and conduct examinations and assessments and to appoint external and internal examiners;
  • To authorise the granting of degrees (including honorary degrees), diplomas, certificates, and other awards;
  • To provide oversight of academic-related library and information services for staff and students;
  • To make recommendations to the Court on the establishment of Schools or other similar bodies and to make recommendations as to their organisation, constitution, and functions and the modification or revision thereof;
  • To regulate the discipline of the students;
  • To prescribe the academic dress to be worn by the various officers and members of the University and the occasions on which it shall be worn; and
  • To take such other action or do other such things as the Court may authorise.

The Senate delegates some of its powers and functions to the Senate Committees.

You can also view the Standing Orders of the Senate.


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Current academic year

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